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“From the moment we enquired we were given expert guidance on our microscope selection.


Our choice of a modern video microscope has proven to be a great attraction for visitors to our museum.


Thanks I-in-I

“We sought out a supplier that could deliver on our precise microscopical  imaging and    archival needs.        I-in-I listened, formulated a solution, supplied the hardware and software then going on to provide excellent one-to-one training.

Wonderful support all the way and it continues to this day

Our choice of I-in-I as the supplier for our public engagement microscope has proved to be absolutely correct.

The microscope is amazing. Both visitors and staff love its simplicity, allowing them to easily see the natural world in great detail. It has proven to be completely reliable, even with its daily use.”

“It had been difficult to gain and retain the attention of younger visitors when they used conventional microscopes.


The introduction of our Video Microscope changed that attitude and now it is difficult to tear the visitors away from our exhibits !  ”

“Understanding the integration of microscope imaging, archive creation and advanced automation within a museum context, is a rare combination for any supplier.  I-in-I has been diligent in working on all aspects of our process, making the installation of the automated scanning system an amazing success.”



  • Exmoor National Park

  • Kingston upon Thames University

  • The Deep Aquarium

  • Manchester University

  • Liverpool World Museum

  • Oxford University

  • Exeter Museum

  • The Etches Collection Museum

  • The Donkey Sanctuary

  • Lyme Regis Museum

  • Braunton Countryside Museum

  • North Burrows Countryside Centre

  • Combe Martin Museum

  • Dinosaur Isle Museum

  • Colchester Zoo

  • Basingstoke Museum

  • Nottingham Museum

  • Nottingham University

  • Lake District Aquarium

  • Natural History Museum, London

  • Plymouth Marjon University

  • Private client – Wiltshire

  • Private client – Suffolk

  • Private client - Warwickshire

  • Marine Biological Assoc, Plymouth

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  • Coin Museum, Stockholm

  • Tom Tit Experiment, Stockholm

  • Zoology Museum, Copenhagen

  • University of Naples

  • Grand Aquarium, St Malo

  • Cine Aquarium, Paris

  • Touraine Aquarium

  • Universcience, Cite des Science, Paris

  • Aquarium Doree, Paris

  • La Rochelle Aquarium

  • Natural History Museum, Angers

  • Natural History Museum, Orleans

  • Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences

  • Royal Museum of Central Africa, Belgium

  • Natural History Museum, Latvia

  • AHHAA Science Centre, Estonia

  • University of Lorraine, France

  • Natural History Museum, Paris

  • Private client - Austria

  • Private client - Belgium

  • Private client – Belgium

  • Private client – Ireland

  • Private Client - Malta

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  • Field Museum, Chicago

  • Yale University

  • University of California

  • University of Virginia

  • University of New York

  • University of Miami

  • Pace University, New York

  • Mt Vernon Memorial, Washington, DC

  • Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama

  • Canmore Museum, Canada

  • Queens University, Canada

  • Children’s Museum, Jordan

  • University of Shanghai

  • Private client - Australia

  • Private client – Indonesia

  • Private client – New Zealand

  • Private client – Russia

  • Private client – Georgia, USA

  • Private client – Washington, DC

  • Private Client - Virginia, USA

  • Private Client - NYC, USA

  • Private Client - CA, USA

  • Private Client, BC, Canada

  • Private Client, New York, NY, USA

  • Private Client, New York, NY, USA

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“We could not have found a more understanding and cooperative supplier for our public use microscope.


I-in-I supplied the right tool for the our purposes, provided us with full operational training and subsequent support.  


Outstanding service !

“Transforming our existing manual microscopes to automatic operation and allowing us to archive our slide collections had been out of our financial reach until we consulted I-in-I.


Careful evaluation and creative solutions now allow us to produce outstanding archive images in a fraction of the time and with greater accuracy than ever before.”

“When I-in-I first showed us the Video Microscope displaying our coin collection so clearly and so easily on a large video screen, we knew this had to be the future for our museum. 

Our visitors simply say 'WOW' when they see the images.

As museum professionals what more could we want?

“Our old public gallery microscopes had seen better days so when the Video Microscope  was introduced, it transformed the visitor experience from frustration to fascination.


The ease of use and image clarity are outstanding.


We are definitely in the 21st Century.”

“With thousands of visitors through the doors of our centres every year, we need rugged and robust displays that withstand the rigours of  daily use.


Our Video Microscope is definitely the answer.

It just keeps working to deliver amazing images of our wonderful national park, every day.”

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