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MICRO-I Video Microscope

Exceptional Imaging Performance, Full 1080P High Definition Video, Simple to Use, Optical and Digital Zoom Video Microscope with Remote Control, Auto and Manual Focus, Auto Brightness, HDMI display link and USB PC link. Incorporating an LED illumination array and Infra-red Imaging capability, this rugged and robust microscope is supplied with software to capture static and moving images on a separate PC.

AVM-PLUS - Advanced Video Microscope -PLUS

Combining high quality digital, video and optical technologies, AVM-PLUS provides a unique integrated imaging tool for natural sciences research as well as material inspection and industrial measurement. Advanced application software modules can be added to provide extended versatility and ease of use.      

AVM-LITE - Advanced Video Microscope -LITE

Combining high quality digital, video and optical technologies, AVM-LITE provides a unique integrated imaging tool for natural sciences research as well as material inspection and industrial measurement.      

C-VM Compact Video Microscope

This compact video Microscope uses the similar high quality imaging as the Advanced System in a more compact format It has integrated LED illumination, making it ideal for Public Engagement and Routine Inspection applications. Built-in or Remote keypad operation allows this microscope to be used on a regular or infrequent basis.  Built-in measurement capabilities plus additional PC software provides more advanced inspection and annotation.

V-VM Versatile Video Microscope

The extended magnification range combined with the VESA mount that allows this versatile microscope to be used on a variety of stands and with a range of fixed or flexible illuminators, providing an ideal tool for Public Engagement and Routine Inspection of even the most irregular shaped objects. Built-in USB Image Capture and optional PC measurement software provide comprehensive capabilities in a professional format. 

M-S -Measurement Software

Comprehensive 2-Dimensional Image Measurement Software for Compact or Versatile System Systems.

P-OM Portable Optical Microscope

Battery operated, compact, lightweight, powerful high quality optics in a rugged format makes this portable optical microscope the ideal choice for work outside the laboratory. Combined with a mobile phone or a compact digital camera, high quality digital photography has never been so easy.

C-M Confocal Microscopy

CF-M Adds powerful Confocal Imaging capabilities to your existing research microscope or can be supplied as a complete system. This powerful system reveals hidden detail and structure in both biological and material samples.

H-DM Handheld Digital Magnifier

Either inside or outside the lab, this handheld digital magnifier provides a convenient and easy-to-use way of capturing magnified images of samples, using its built-in LED illumination and measuring facilities. With a larger display screen and greater clarity than even the most expensive mobile phone, this outstanding system puts high resolution micro imaging and measurement in your hands.

M-SD MICRO Slide Digitization

Digitizing large collections of microscope slide mounted samples with different dimensions and mounting characteristics has now been automated. Microscope-based scanning systems which are supplied as complete systems or retro-fit kits for existing microscopes, makes the whole task straight-forward, efficient and affordable.

D-SD DESKTOP Slide Digitization

Professionally digitising large collections of similarly prepared microscope slide samples used to be difficult, but now this integrated automated scanning systems, makes the whole task straight-forward, efficient and affordable.

W-TV Waterproof Displays

Protected from water and dust ingress, the displays can be used indoors or outdoors. With 1080 resolution, high brightness and touch-screen models, messages and images can now be safely and reliably displayed within environments such as aquaria or outside public venues, providing opportunities for promotion as well as visitor information.

M-S Multispectral Scanners

Spectral imaging of historical and contemporary documents to reveal hidden, faded or obliterated detail is now possible using the Research and 'Lite 'scanning systems. With wavelengths in the IR, UV and Visible spectral range along with sophisticated capture and processing, such imaging techniques are now within the realm of  archives, libraries and forensic laboratories and not just research labs.

PC-MI Position Control - Micro

When you want to move a slide or mounted sample in the X,Y or Z axis, there is a motorised solution that performs precisely and repeatedly.

Samples can be bio-medical transparent slide, opaque materials or industrial samples or even a combination of both, stages are available to work in a stand-alone or integrate configuration.


Typically accommodating up to 2, 4 or 8 standard 75x25mm slides the stages can be mounted on most research and some more routine microscopes. The controllers allow scanning patterns to be established and memorised to aid repetitive inspections.

Motorised focus drives are also available to couple directly with the microscope controls, ensuring precise movement in the Z-direction.

PC-MA Position Control - Macro

Precise and smooth control of camera opens a whole range of imaging possibilities. This range of guides, motion and imaging controls solutions includes static and portable small area scanning for objects and samples. Multi-axis mounts and controllers can be integrated into computer controlled configurations for studio work.

PC-LF Position Control - Large Format

Precise and smooth control of camera and sample movement opens a whole range of imaging possibilities. This range of guides, motion and imaging controls solutions include static and portable large area scanning for artworks, rotating platforms for exhibition photography and display as well as motorised multi-axis mounts.

MICRO & Imaging Systems

With diverse and long-term knowledge of imaging technologies, I-in-I has the ability to supply other imaging systems and components not listed above. Simply contact us to discuss your needs and we will do all that we can to assist and support you with your imaging needs.

Imaging Projects

I-in-I continues to provide advice and support for imaging projects both directly and in co-operation with colleagues around the world. With its unique combination of skills in optical, digital and spectral imaging technologies, I-in-I provides flexible and affordable solutions for novel and complex imaging needs. Tell us about your project and we will help find a solution.

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